Wednesday, April 8, 2009

which "way'"?

We are introduced to the Tao in lecture 3. The Tao, translates as best it can be into the word "way", or the way. This relates back to what we are talking about in terms of our experience with language. "What is necessary here is not only that on our chosen way we stay within the neighborhood of poetry and thinking. We also must look about us in this neighborhood, to see whether and in what manner it shows us something that transforms our relation to language" (pg 93). This passage illuminates the importance of poetry and thinking in terms of our experience with language.

"What matter here is that we keep the entire structure of sign relations before our eyes, because it has remained the standard for all later considerations of language, although with numerous modifications." (pg 97). This passage reminded me of our discussion of sputnik the other day in class. If we begin to deconstruct the the relations of signs to things we begin to realize just how empty words are independent of humans giving them meaning. That in mind Heidegger goes on to address time and space and how time times and space spaces. I would appreciate if we could discuss this more so in class because I do not think I fully understand what is being said, then again maybe I need to understand my lack of understanding as part of my experience with language.

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