Monday, April 13, 2009

Saying as Showing

I apologise for my late post, I feel asleep in my recliner after dinner and did not wake up until after 11pm.

"Man would not be man if it were denied him to speak unceasingly, from everywhere from every which way, in many variations, and to speak in terms of an 'it is' that most often remains unspoken." (112) Language is what makes human beings what they are by providing us with the ability to use language to uncover that being. Language as showing has me confused, I think Heidegger is uncovering the explanatory or exploratory properties of language. I think Cameron wrote of this in his post, and I seem to agree with him on what it means although I can't be certain.

"The essential being of language is Saying as Showing. Its showing character is not based on signs of any kind; rather, all signs arise from a showing within whose realm and for whose purposes they can be signs" (123). I have spent a lot of time circling this sentence trying to get a hold on what it means.

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