Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I know I'm not actually commenting on the reading right now but this would help me to understand Heidegger a little bit better if I could get other peoples thoughts on it. Feel free to comment under my posting so we are able to talk about it in class a little bit easier.

Why does Heidegger refer to himself as the Inquirer? I'm wondering if it has some kind of meaning like Kierkegaard?

And I know I brought this up in class. Which is easier having a conversation with the actual person or reading there writing. Which is more conducive to having a conversation with language?

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  1. I think Heidegger is the Inquirer because he is inquiring about language (this may be completely wrong but I like it because of it's simplicity).

    Again I think that there is a possibility of having a conversation with someone through reading their writing as much as there is with actually speaking with them in person. Writing tends to be more edited and to the point so meaning may be easier to deduce from what is read, but I think a conversation is way more conducive because there are people actively adding input into an issue. Reading a writing does have the interplay between the writer and the reader, in fact a good writer would never write something so that no one would be able to read it. The conversation in reading seems to be between two people but one person is saying what (s)he wants, while being unable to listen to a response. But I really think both are equally capable of having an authentic conversation with language. With writing the conversation is between the writer and himself, so that the authenticity is truly authentic (the writer writes what he really means (regardless of the trueness or falseness of their claims)). When you speak with others you are figuring out what you truly mean by how well the other person understands it and the responses they give, but you are also learning about what the other person means. Teaching, or trying to explain something, could be similar because by teaching you are actually learning more about yourself, as well as transferring this meaning to another and understanding where the other is currently positioned.