Wednesday, April 1, 2009

If only there wasn't a forgetfulness...

“What is the essence of the comprehension of Being rooted so deeply in man?”(34)

The very essence of Being is the comprehension of being. The Dasein is a parallel to Being. The Dasein is submerged within each one of us (being), struggling to discover itself, not creating but liberating, for a finite moment in time. The “Da” is the event which allows the discovering of being, simultaneously destroying this very manifestation of Being that is being comprehended in being. “Sein” is the Being that is immersed within each being, which explains how the Dasein within each being is paralleled to Being. Dasein is the Being in beings, and “Da” is this finite event that takes place to discover the Being within the being.

Within each of us (being) > struggling within, to awaken within each one of us is (Dasein) > this discovery is manifested by a finite moment (Da) > once discovered (Dasein, Sein = Being) transcends Being, it transcends the very essence it is > returns to (being) > within each of us (being)

The Finitude of (Da) has a natural tendency of (forgetfulness) struggling to overcome > the (beings) prerogative lies lost in (forgetfulness) = (everydayness) > transcendence of (everydayness) is what it means (to-be-in-the-world).

This is my interpretation; I hope I didn’t butcher it too much.

Question: What makes “Dasein,” once manifested, transcend “Being”? I realize that the “Da” is the event that allows this to happen, but why can’t the “Da” be infinite? Does it ever become infinite?

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