Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lecture III

I found this quote from Lecture III to be very poetic and enlightening to Heideggarian thought. (p 98) “-body and mouth are part of the earth’s flow and growth in which all mortals flourish, and from which we receive the soundness of our root.” Things talked about in Lecture III: What the neighborhood actually is and how close language and poetry are in that neighborhood. And nature of time and space cannot be understood through calculative thinking. My question is for Lecture III, I found it really interesting that time and space are seem really vague and really hard concepts to think about, but one thing that Heidegger brought up in the Lecture was Timing and spacing. I found it much easier to think about timing compared to time and spacing compared to space. To me it completely swiched the words upon themselves. I was wonder if I was the only one who had the same experience reading Lecture III?

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