Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Being being the being of being...

William Richardson describes Heidegger as moving beyond Kant's investigation of man's reason to the question of man in his totality. Man in his totality is further identified as concerning his own finitude (so much so that human reason is itself concerned about its own finitude (32)). From saying being a lot I got the sense that man has a sense of being because he is a member of society where there are other beings. Through this recognition of being, he also recognizes that things ,"is", are and any use of language is actually predetermined by the being of what is said, or else all language would become meaningless. He then moves on to talk about our "thrown-ness" as being the matter-of-fact character of human finitude (37). We are so finite that we cannot control where, when, or under what circumstances we will encounter life. Fallen-ness becomes becomes the finitude of There-being, or Dasein (38). Very interesting things to be said, but again highly complex (and rightly so, I believe).

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