Monday, April 6, 2009

The task giver...

Sorry this is late, my internet literally went down about 5 minutes before I was going to post and now has just come back up.

Poetry and thinking are set apart from one another, yet, are face to face residing in the same neighborhood. This very divergence of their natures gives us the gift of language, at the furthest divergence of one from the other, they are face to face and conceal – Being from within. Poetry and thinking intersect at an infinite moment in time, but, they do not create this intersection, they merely participate in it. When language and poetry diverge from one another, language is born (or granted?). Through language, language grants its very nature to us. Language thrusts us into the abyss of thought, thought discovers word, words very task is to conceal to us that which is concealed within itself – that which gives being. Words task is to give us “is”, yet “is” is not a thing; “is” is what grants us the ability to comprehend the very nature of language. Through language we are able to attain Being by “is”.

Language is given to us as a gift; it leads us to the end of what it has to offer by means of thought and poetry. We venture on this journey for the possibility of undergoing an experience with language. Language being the gift of “Dasein” to us, to beings, “Dasein” has emerged within language its very essence, this very gift is in essence, what the giver is. The giver “Dasein” has granted us language, immersed within language is “Being”, language uses means of word to convey its essence. Words task is to give us “is”, “is” is “Da”, “Da” is the finite moment in time, where Being makes itself known to being – where language allows beings to experience language.

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