Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Truth and Method

The thought of truly questioning questioning has never actually occurred to me. Questioning understanding and knowing is a given when a person is starting out doing philosophy, challenging what it is you think you know. To question how it is I understand people questioning things properly and how I go about questioning, is informing me that to do certain kinds if not all kinds of philosophy, philosophy needs to be looked at in this way. “There can be no testing or potential attitude to questioning, for questioning is not the positing, but the testing of possibilities.” “in the successful conversation they both come under the influence of the truth of the object and are thus bound to one another..” The way that I am not understanding questioning after reading this is the fact that questioning needs to be done with another; through conversation. Whether a reading or a person we are questioning it and having a conversation with it, that will in turn answer or not answer our given question if asked properly.

“Language is so uncannily near to our thinking and when it functions it is so little an object that is seems to conceal its own being from us.” – Is passage implying that our own thinking is a being, and that language is a different being other than us? I know we have talk in class that language has logos and that is what we should be listening to but is logos a being?

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