Wednesday, April 22, 2009

possibility of understanding in the being in between

What Gadamer is interested in with hermeneutics is the way of being as possibility through the being in between selves caused by the attempt to understand the other. What I mean by this is that in reading a text, which is the other, we create a gap within ourselves between the self that understands the world in a way and the possibility of understanding the world that could come from the other. This gap between the two is where Gadamer believes hermenuetical existence takes place. In the gap between our past understanding and our possible future understanding(which is not just the understanding of the author) we are able to truly be in the world as possibility and also influence the other as having a possibility of understanding that was different than it's own to begin with. This all happens because of an approach to the text that is not completely centered around just merely understanding what the author was trying to put on the page but what the conversation with the text as the other can produce as a new possibility of understanding.

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