Monday, April 20, 2009

authenticity and the call of consciousness

Because It makes more sense to me I think I am going to switch up the order a little bit for these next few paragraphs and start with the call to consciousness then move to authenticity then my closing paragraphy on these two working together. My guess is you dont really care about the order but I figured a heads up was in order.

The call to consciousness is embedded in communication but not merely in utterences. It is not important that speech is involved in this call at all but what is important is that there is a connection between the the self and the other. The call awakens the self that is being-in-the-world from the self that is the they-self and all other forms of the self concerned with other things. It pushes through these other selves to find the being-in-the-world self and pulls it to the front of consciousness working over the they-self which one usually sees the self as. This call comes from the other in some way and brings forth a state consciousness which is most true to dasein.
Authenticity is a mode of interaction either with the self or with the other. This mode of interaction is very much in the world and is a way of existence that is most genuine. What I mean by an existence that is most genuine is that when being in the world in this manner we are closer to encountering our dasein which is the potential for being in the world. To further clarify; one's potential for being in world is the ability and very nature of existence which is available as a true representation of the self. These possibilities change as the self chooses through interaction with dasein as the self changes definitionaly.
The call of consciousness is the driving force of being authentically. The self in the everyday is trapped within the they-self and the self which is burdened with the analytic analysis of the whys of the world. Yet, when the self receives the call it washes over all the other selves and awakens the self that is concerned only with being in the world. This awakening is the start of authenticity. In the awakening of this type of self one is able to interact with the world in an authentic way and authentically interact with the self as dasein.

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