Monday, April 13, 2009

Language speaks by saying

Language, according to Heidegger, is the foundation of human beings and “The ability to speak is what marks man as man.”(112) we are given the gift of language from Dasein, to have the possibility of discovering the Being within us. Language is what separates humans from animals, and is essentially our foundation of being. Speaking requires one to vocalize; saying does not require this vocalization. He draws a distinction between speaking ‘to’ one another and speaking ‘with’ one another. To ‘say’ something means to show, appear, be seen and speaking ‘to’ someone, one is saying something to someone, one is showing something to another, making something appear to someone, and have something be seen or heard. Is could be possibly the reason why we need to interact with others, why our journey and our experience needs to be experienced with others. When one speaks to another, they are saying something; one is discovering something within language. Language itself is a tool one uses to comprehend Dasein, the giver. Immersed within language is Dasein, language reveals the essence of itself, when we speak to someone we are working toward, attempting the possibility of undergoing an experience with language.

Perhaps when we speak ‘to’ someone, we are being authentic in speech. And since we are being authentic in speaking, we are saying something ‘to’ another, which helps them to be authentic. And it is when we are being authentic when the possibility arises to undergo an experience with language itself.

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