Thursday, April 23, 2009

Faithful Davey

I've always appreciated what I considered to be the task of hermeneutics. What this reading did for me is open up a whole new dimension of what philosophical hermeneutics does. Of the theses offered, I really appreciated the first and the third theses in the text we read today.

The first: to recognize interpretation and difference as being crucial to expanding one's own experience or being is fascinating, troubling, and exciting at the same time. I really like that hermeneutics sees this as an opportunity rather than a failure of a text. Within this shifting or sliding interpretation there's room for deviance that can alter the meaning of a text and open up whole avenues of unexplored territory. Very nice, indeed.

The third: I never really thought about utilizing frustration with texts to determine something about what Being is in its finitude. This is like the ultimate philosophical project. I see the potential in this kind of attitude to really go at the heart of what it means to be, or at least show us a side of Being that we couldn't get elsewhere.

I wish I could have read this whole document... No time... No time... No time... Does that every stop?

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