Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Unquiet Understanding

“Gadamer’s phrase, more than it thinks it knows.” Godamer’s phrase is very reminiscent of Heidegger of some of phrases like “words waiting to be spoken.” And Scults words on it as well “you are not going to discover anything that you do not think is there.” “Though the practice of philosophical hermeneutics cannot be conceptually captured, its nature can be discerned among the spectrum of philosophical refractions that vary of interpretative perspectives being to light.” P3. All are in the same ballpark of waiting/discovering/finding what you know that you may already know, or in some way that you already know. I liked yesterday’s discussion on the true call to consciousness comes from persons anxiety. I think that both of these “more than it thinks it know and anxiety, both pull together though language.
What is locus exactly? Is it like logos?

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