Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Abbreviated Version of "Paper talk" from Class

Possibility One:
(working title) "Undergoing an Experience with Language With Heidegger"
Some Ideas:
*See my post from April 6, I believe it is.
*What is your understanding of what Heidegger means by "undergoing and experience with language"?
*Examples from Heidegger and you
*What is the significance of the experience, why is it important, especially for philosophy?
*Given Heidegger's ideas on language and thinking, why must the language of Heidegger's texts be as it is? Or does it?

Possibility Two:
(working title) "Authenticity in the Context of Heidegger's Philosophy, Especially the Philosophy of Dasein"
I think this paper is most doable as an extended reading of Heidegger's chapter on authenticity. It is one of the best examples in the book of Heidegger's method and what it is capable of, namely, showing how a significant aspect of the Being of Dasein can be accomplished. There are also some excellent secondary sources on reserve that can help, but I would begin with a careful re-reading of the chapter, perhaps with someone else. Also, on Friday beginning at 10:30, I will be in my office to converse about questions you bring from your reading of the chapter.

Books on Reserve about Heidegger and Language:

Author/Editor: Robert Mugerauer
Title: Heidegger's Language and Thinking

Author/Editor: Martin Heidegger
Title: Poetry, Language, Thought
(Last essay on language is one his more accessible essays on the subject and goes over a number of the ideas we read about and discussed.)

Author/Editor: Simon Critchley
Title: A Companion to Continental Philosophy
(Chapter on Heidegger is written by a clear-writing, accomplished Heidegger scholar, John Caputo.)

Being and Time and Authenticity

Author/Editor: Jacob Golomb
Title: In Search of Authenticity

Author/Editor: Michael Zimmerman
Title: Eclipse of the Self
(first two chapters on authenticity)

Author/Editor: Hubert Dreyfuss
Title: Being in the World
(Course on Being and Time)

Richardson you already have

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