Monday, April 20, 2009


Heidegger speaks of authenticity as though it were the key, to the vault, in the inner chamber. Dasein makes no choices and by making no choices, dasein has made the choice of making no choices, by choosing to make this choice the possibility arises for Dasein’s authentic potentiality-for-being. Authenticity arises as the very possibility for Dasein to be shown itself. Dasein is lost in they, it made the choice not to choose and by making this choice it has become lost in they-self, the very “who” of Dasein, the very essence of itself. But, Dasein must find itself; it must bring itself back from the inner chamber, from whence it seems there is no escape, but there is. There is the possibility of Beings-one-self existentielly, but this existentiel possibility can only come through the existential possibility of they. Hence, I must be authentic (existentielly), but I can only become authentic with the help of others (existentially), and once these coincide, the struggling Dasein has the possibility to bring itself back from lostness – the importance of authenticity.

Heidegger speaks of Consciousness as eyes to see, to allow one to realize the key needed for the vault, in the inner chamber. Dasein fails to hear itself; it fails to hear itself, because it is listening to they-self. But this listening is of no words, rather, it is “giving-to-understand” of “potentiality-for-being-its-self”. The very character trait of call of conscience is the plea to Dasein for authenticity; it achieves this by calling on the guilty conscience. This appeal is an appeal to self not the they, the they then falls, and the Self is able to be brought to itself by the call. Once Self is called forth, the possibility of Dasein arises – the importance of conscience.

Dasein is lost in they, the call of conscience allows Dasein to hear itself, by being able to hear itself, and it can realize the potentiality-for-being-its’s-self, finally allowing it to hear itself in they-self, ultimately by passing the they. Consciousness is needed for authenticity in such an intimate manner that it would be difficult to sum it up in such a short post. By Self being brought forth, essentially Dasein’s authenticity (existentielly) is realized only through Self being called upon (existentially).

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