Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Possibility...

(Thinking and poetry are intimately related by using the mode of saying. At their furthest divergence from one another is concealed within Being. Yet, they reside in the same neighborhood, dwelling in nearness to one another.) This is the nature of language. This is fascinating to me, to be led into this neighborhood, and through language we are granted a hint, a guideword, to grant us the possibility to undergo an experience with language. If we can comprehend what language is, we (might) discover the essence of being, but this only leads us to the neighborhood – to the nearness of thinking and poetry whose modes are saying. But what do they say? To say means to make appear and set free. But what do they want to set free or make appear? Its very own essence, its being of Being? Thoughts anyone?

If thinking and poetry reside in nearness to one another, Heidegger says, that nearness then acts in the same manner as these two, nearness’s mode is saying. Nearness, as well as thinking and poetry, wants to set something free and make appear. But what is this that nearness wants to set free? And neighborhood is brought about by nearness, yet, nearness is independent of space and time, its movement is nighness. Nighness’s nature is to pave the way for this face to face possibility, nothings certain, there may be nothing there, to undergo an experience with language.

“Where words break off no thing may be.”(108)
No thing, is this the possibility of the “Da” or something else?

“This breaking up of the word is the true step back on the way to thinking.”(108) Can we discuss this last line in class? Unless it is insignificant then there will be no need to, but I have a feeling it is rather important. I really wanted it to say “the true step forward on the way to thinking.” But it didn’t, so we are left here with no words and are on our way back to thinking. Is this the way, to experience language; is this the very possibility to undergo an experience with language? On our way back to thinking, the possibility arises, that language has transformed us into itself. If this is somewhat correct, this is why the “Da” cannot be infinite, we are naturally prone to think, it is when words break off and we journey back to thinking, is when this experience takes place. (I think?) Thoughts anyone?

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