Wednesday, March 25, 2009

trying to understand

What I have been thinking sense the end of class the other day and also while reading more today is that Nietzsche is very worried about the life we live because most of us do not live our own lives. Instead we live other peoples lives. He seems to be saying to me that everything in the world even ideas have value but this is not because of some natural property of these things but because we have been forced as the beings we are to value them in various ways in order to live. This matches up with the way I have been thinking about the world and Nietzsche's claim that this is an issue only because people are not making their own values seems to be a claim I can support. He seems to think that we can only live our own lives if we value for ourselves, when we let institutions such as the church or people like leaders of countries or the pope or anyone tell us how to value then we aren't living our own lives we are merely living the church's life or the pope's life. THis is a serious issue for Nietzsche and I think that in as far as I agree with him I agree with the seriousness of the issue. I think my real problem with Nietzsche is that I feel he is not interested in explaining himself or defending claims just throwing them out there to be thought about. This is a hard style for me to get engaged with because I dont like the idea of agreeing with someone without an argument/discussion of why I should. Oddly enough, in reading today I came to the conclusion that not only is Nietzsche ok with that he probably is happy that I don't just take his word. But I am not sure if Nietzsche would think it is important for others to take his ideas and flush them out to see where they lead us or not.

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