Monday, March 9, 2009

a new species of philosopher?

"To recognize untruth as the condition of life: that, to be sure, means to resist customary value-sentiments in a dangerous fashion; and a philosophy which ventures to do so places itself, by that act alone, beyond good and evil" (Ch 1 Sec 4). Nietzche sees the world in a transitional phase. An arrival of a "new species of philosopher" is arising according to Nietzche. What would these men and women be like? Netzche says in Ch 1 Sec 6 that "I accordingly do not believe a 'drive to knowledge' to be the father of philosophy". After these statements and the attacks he makes on other philosophers in the chapter it seems to me that Nietzche is setting us up for a revelation of sorts about what a philosopher should be, what a philosopher will be. This chapter left me wondering what sorts of transformations the concept of a philosopher will go through by the time Nietzche has made his argument clear.

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