Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Grit your teeth bravely"

My initial reaction to Beyond Good and Evil is that he makes some pretty interesting points concerning how so many people, especially people from his era, have gotten it wrong or are pursuing a worthless end or asking questions that cannot/should not be asked. I take it he wouldn’t get along with Kant to well, being that he has multiple accusations against him, Nietzsche states “for at that time Germans were still moral and not yet ‘real political’.”(13) This quote comes after he talks about how Kant introduced the idea of faculties. I have not read any Kant, besides what we read the first week of class, I am really interested to see what Kant does write and why Nietzsche is so against it.

Very well written and clear, but he sounds like a madman with all his exclamation points. He criticizes many things, and makes it sound like, alright you are so interested in and want to pursue these questions, you really have no idea what you are in for, but since you have started it there is no turning back and “we are traveling beyond morality” sometimes it almost gave me chills when I was reading him.

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