Monday, March 30, 2009

"This thinking lacks a language."

It looks like Heidegger’s way, at least from Gadamer’s writing, is that it is new, insofar as he wants to explore the depths of Seiende, and discover the Being in the human Dasein. This “Da” is a signifier for an event, and this da is mortal and fully aware of its own dasein (maybe?) and this very idea or notion of Being of Dasein, is nothing new nor was Heidegger aiming us toward a new characterization of the Being of Dasein, but this concept is and has always been present in us. He is not going to create, at least from Gadamer’s account, a new dimension of Being or “I”, but he is rather going to explore the depths in which have not been explored. Heidegger, it looks like, may achieve this by using new words, creating a new language that cannot be substituted, these words such as the “da” speaks for itself within, it requires no definition because there is no definition besides the one it speaks for. Gadamer even says in this essay that “this thinking lacks a language.”(25)

For the project Heidegger will venture into, it seems like he has no choice but to do what he has done – create a thinkers language, one with no words to define such terms submerged within each of us. No wonder why people have a tough time understanding him, this thinkers language is fighting to awaken the Being within; this can only be accomplished through thought, for language it seems is insufficient and would do more harm than good, to this exploration into the Dasein.

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