Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Reflection on the Twilight

Nietzsche is a very distracting author. I'm trying to read him as faithfully as possible, and I feel like I can completely understand what he is saying at times, but at others he seems to go on for pages without having a clear point. His style of writing is very artistic, very obscure, but at the same time very persuasive. I think that Nietzsche is truly living by his philosophy - when he writes, he is conducting a revaluation of all of western philosophy, and in order to do that, he has to pour out everything that he is thinking, address his own prejudices, and show the reader his whole train of thought, lest he end up like Kant or Plato, or any of the other philosophers he is critical of, by only giving judgments, without stopping to reflect on the psychological significance of these judgments. I think that this is why he is so critical of Socrates - Socrates didn't "stand" for anything; he used reason as a "last ditch weapon", it was the only tool he had at his disposal to better understand the world and to rebel, in a sense, against the prevailing ideas of Athens at the time, but this was all it was - there was no higher meaning or purpose to Socrates antics.

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