Monday, March 30, 2009

Heidegger's ways

I kind of knew how Gadamer felt about Heidegger but I wasn’t aware of how highly he thought of Heidegger. Gadamer writing about Heidegger kind of reminded me of Professor Scult talking about Heidegger. That Heidegger is a brilliant man who is sometimes misunderstood. All of the being and being with itself gets misinterpreted and that it takes a certain way of reading him to enjoy and understand his amazingness as a philosopher. If I were to take a couple of things away from reading this, I would say that I am excited to read Heidegger after reading this. If Gadamer can get this excited over reading and knowing Heidegger as a person, it makes me excited to read Heidegger as well. And that it takes a certain understanding and mindset to truly enjoy Heidegger’s brand of philosophy.

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