Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the Noble

The Noble for Nietzsche is the person who does not have pity but feels the need to help others through the abundance of power she has. This person also creates a definition of what is right and wrong through her own experience. The noble's morality is one that is discovered subjectively yet is applied universally (if I understood what is going on). With this in mind I am curious about how the Noble is not falling into the same problem that Nietzsche sees philosophers falling into. If the Noble is making a moral theory that she applies universally based on her own experiences then is she really any different than the philosopher who creates philosophical theories in an effort to support what she already thinks/does? This could just be a misunderstanding of the text but I feel like the Noble is stuck in the same problem that Nietzsche seems to dislike so strongly in the beginning of this book.

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