Wednesday, March 4, 2009

problem III

In problem III we see the problem of Abraham not telling anyone what we planned to do as a problem that goes against the ethical and oddly enough against the aesthetic as well. Kierkegaard lays out two types of heroes that he believes are the heroes one is capable of understanding. The first is the hero who in believing they are doing the right thing conceals the truth and suffers in silence in order to save the other. This hero is the aesthetic hero; in silence the aesthetic hero is rewarded by the silence through saving the other. The other type is the ethical hero who pretty much does the opposite and tells the truth about everything because they realize that the other has the right to know what they are getting into. Abraham is left out of all of this and once again confuses us by transcending these two types of heroes. He is not the ethical hero because he doesn't tell anyone, yet he is not the aesthetic hero because he does not suffer silently to save another(he is planning to kill the other). Yet, here we are Abraham is a hero and the knight of faith but can not be placed in the two ways of understanding a hero. Abraham is in a very interesting spot in this world he is either a murderer or the knight of faith and he is either a hero because he is the knight of faith or, in not being in a manner which we understand a hero, nothing.

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