Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Ryan, you brought up an interesting passage I too marked in my text about how how the weak always prevail over the strong because they have numbers and are crafty. When I read this passage I instantly thought of Darwin and the theory of evolution. When I think of evolution I think of natural selection. As I understand it, Nietzsche is suggesting that "Species do not always evolve toward perfection". This is very interesting for me. On the one hand I have been told that man uses reason and is a social creature because it was evolutionary beneficial for the survival of the species i.e. natural selection. But under the Nietzsche lens, it would appear that evolution is not something beneficial but rather cause for concern. Evolution has turned us into self-hating beasts where our pleasures are turned into sin i.e. Christian morality. I think one of Nietzsche's messages is that we need to recognize this mistake in denying ourselves of pleasure and stop the perpetuation of these values.

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