Tuesday, February 24, 2009

God tells you vs you think god tells you

I think Ryan brings up a very interesting point about how Abraham's actions would seem today. Well, to put it frankly I think that he would be ostracized if not sent to the insane asylum. Killing your son because God spoke to you, if you saw 'man claims god told him to kill his son' scroll across the ticker on cnn would any of us even faintly believe the man or just pass him off as a 'nutjob'. My point is that in the case of Abraham, the context is crucial for understanding. The story is told in a sacred religious text, held in high esteem, which many believe to be truth or truthfull. So when the question comes is asked "what would you do in Abraham's shoes?" most people would say that Abraham made a correct choice, even though they would deny it in contemporary society i.e. Abraham was told by god to sacrifice his son vs. John Doe thinks that God told him to kill his son. Having said this, I'm wondering what significance context has in terms of how we view faith?

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