Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Faithful Hegel pt. 2

Same thing as I said before. See below...


  1. Seriously? You've got nothing more to add based on our last conversation and more thought on the text? C'mon :-)

  2. Of course I have more to say! But I have half of the Haraway Reader to read tonight and a small chunk of Locke to digest, too (not to mention feeding, bathing, and reading to my son)... But now I feel guilty. Womp womp.

    One thing that I have been thinking about in regards to Hegel is the speculative metaphysic that he's offering and to what degree he's justified in speaking of a thing like Spirit given the recent philosophical issues that arrived at by Kant. It seems that if we are to take Kant seriously, we must throw things like Spirit out of the window.

    However, that was only upon first reflection. If you really have nothing that offers a firm ground to stand on, you simply must take a leap of faith and declare that such a move is as justified as any other. To merely sit on one's hands and mope about the monster looming before you is to succumb to it without a struggle. Further, because it is a positive move (a move that offers some sort of hope in the face of nihilism) it is more justified than positions that would be just as technically baseless but also offer nothing but a continuance of being mired in the human consequence.

  3. Well, I guess I could just read the Locke to my son now... Multitasking! Awesome!

  4. Hmmm, that'd require a great deal of therapy to undo.