Monday, February 9, 2009

What interested me mst about this section was the concept that nothing can be looked at as an independent happening or thought. He talks about governance and how states come to be governed as they are. He argues that a government is never the product of theoretical discussion but is a necessary component to the people. A government comes about because of the people, the culture, religion, and philosophy. When looking at history we can see the "reason" in it and understand history through the understanding that all things are that way in history because they have to be because of the spirit of the state because the state is an individual totality. It is with this theory of history that philosophy is able to understand history as opposed to religion which argues that history can only be viewed as a product of providence which they claim to be hidden in the unknowable God. Philosophy uses reason instead which allows for the possibility of understanding the events in history by understanding the unity of religion, art, and philosophy in the spirit of the state.

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