Wednesday, February 11, 2009

chapter three reread

After our last class my understanding of this chapter changed a lot. I am not sure if I am really where I want to be with this yet but such is life. Passion seems to be key in the cultivating of the spirit willing freedom. It is through the passions of the passionate that we progress and move forward towards complete realization of freedom. Though it is with reason that the spirit moves us. We don't randomly hop from one event to the next and stumble into progress. WE move forward through the passions of heroes who make the next step that is only presented to them because all the necessary pieces are there to make it happen. These moves forward only happen because the times had come to a point where it was with the possibility of happening in this way. To go back to the example of jazz(much less depressing than the holocaust) which could not have happened in ancient Greece. It could not have happened in that particular time and place because the ingredients were not there to reasonably bring it into being. So when we look at one event we must look at it it's happening as making sense and as being also an ingredient in the happenings that follow. All of this in the cultivating of freedom.

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen... Wait, this is ancient Greece... Gentlemen, for your pleasure I'd like to introduce to you Socrates on the sax. Tonight's performance will be one of his favorites entitled "The Existential Blues."