Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I think that this might possibly be my favorite reading of anything that we have read on language. Everything was well laid out and explained, yet being very insightful and informative. My favorite quote from the text is, Plato, “the essence of thought the interior dialogue of the soul with itself.” Part of the reason that I like this so much is the fact that for the most part it is true. A person feeds himself or herself with knowledge every day, or at least this may be a little haughty to say, we philosophy majors do, just to converse with ourselves about what it was we just experienced or learned. Talking about language and the souls reminds me of a quote that I read last week, that I think adds something my liking of Plato’s quote. “To speak two languages, means a person possesses two souls.” Second part of the article that I really enjoyed was the fact that Gadamer pointed out that anyone can spit back out facts on a specific question being asked to him or her. However, that does not make them smart. It only proves that they can spit back out facts, they are not using questioning correctly or language correctly.

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