Monday, May 4, 2009

all i need is some good conversation

Conversation is discussed in great detail in today's reading. Accordingly, conversation and translation are not entirely different things as one may suspect. "As in conversation one tries to get inside the other person in order to understand his point of view, so the translator also tries to get right inside the author." (pg 348). I admit that initially I saw little difference between the two things, conversation and translation. However after reading the text I was able to make the connection. I did have one question after reading the material. in conversation, when we are trying to understand what another person has said, when we think we have understood what has been said, can we truly claim to know what the other person means? I don't think we can Know beyond doubt what others mean (epically during exchanging of intangible ideas), but I think that the role of conversation is key to what being human is all about, an essential part of being human.

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