Monday, January 26, 2009


In chapter two he attempts to define continental philosophy. And from my understanding Kant is the beginning of this two hundred year period. Kant attempts to construct a bridge between understanding and reason through judgment and the plausibility of pure and practical reason; continental philosophy has followed this ever since as stated by Critchley. From a Christian point-of-view this is where faith comes in. But as the chapter goes on it brings into question about reason and the place for religion. Can religion exist alongside reason? As Hamann puts it reason must criticize all things, and reason itself must be criticized by a meta-critique. If reason is questioned then essentially you begin to doubt the existence of everything, even religion and the place for God. Because faith can’t be explained through reason. If one is a Christian and believes that Jesus was incarnate you can’t prove that he was through simple reasoning. One just possesses faith that he was and that the scripture “Bible” is the living word of God. As the book goes on to state that reason leads to the collapse of and basis for religious belief or moral life.

Jacobi says that by denying God we risk turning human beings into gods and losing the immortality of the soul leads to suicide. I would counter his argument about losing the immortality of the soul leads to suicide based on the fact that if he is referring to Christianity immortality of the soul is only most recent since Jesus came. In the times of Abraham and Moses there was no looking beyond the life they were to live, when they died, they were dead. They did not believe that part of their very being was immortal. Yet we hold today many of the same fundamental moral values that they hold. And yet suicide might have been a way out for some it was not a way of life for many; because by ending their life was ending their journey period. If we look at everything and criticize everything and anything that cannot be explained or proved than where does that leave us? You begin to doubt anything and everything and how things ought to be. By doing this and believing this is the only way, is their room for religion? And if so where? How?

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